Hospitality Services

Guests so happy they rave and rebook.

You want your business to stand out from the crowd, to enjoy rave public reviews and to know guests will have a truly exceptional experience any and every time they come to stay, even when you’re not around.

Positive guest-centric hospitality will guarantee this. We help you deliver it.

We will ensure you understand and talk to your best customers, map their journey and influence how they interact with you. You will be able to control their flow and the financial growth they bring.

How do we help you?

Revisit your original vision and assess your actual presence in the marketplace Analyse effectiveness of your operating strategies and staffing model Provide an objective viewpoint of the business, your staff and your guest experience
Design a bespoke coaching and mentoring plan for engaging every level of staff Create a blueprint guide for your customer service delivery Cultivate a sense of belonging, self motivation and pride within your staff with engaging training Build confidence and unique voices to deliver the best service

Changemaker Coaching

Effective, long-lasting, motivated teams.

Imagine a service with highly skilled, charming and honest staff encouraging rave reviews, enticing new customers without discounting or devaluing your product and guaranteeing rebooking and referral.

What you are searching for are called change makers in service. We create change makers.

Dynamic and talented, technically competent as well as socially skilled individuals who have a complete understanding of your brand, your products and how to represent your business with style.

Don’t be afraid of the new. These multi dimensional people offer enormous value to your company and make you proud. We have the experience to unlock their potential.

Secret Stays

Objective and meaningful reviews.

Some of the most imaginative hotels are being developed around the world with design and amenities to drool over. From underwater hotels to treetop hideaways, new properties are pushing the boundaries of what a typical hotel experience should feel like. With 25 years of worldwide professional travel in over 50 countries and over 300 published reviews, we know the ingredients for success.

No matter how much hotels innovate, there are fundamental requirements that make guests experiences both welcoming and comforting. Whether you are offering a wild tepee, cosy boutique, chic city high rise or historical manor house, our objective focus and close attention to detail will give you a review that will ensure your hotel delivers on these simple and essential expectations every time.

Pr & Press Reviews

A powerful unique voice and a strong story.

Building a strategy for communications and media relations and a plan that you and your team will be able to follow, ensures a flow of articles, recognisable reviews and attention. We work closely with you to set out a digital and print PR vision and strategy with simple steps for its implementation so that it can be done in house or delivered with cost effective partner agencies.

Securing travel reviews in the national press is increasingly competitive and challenging, if it’s not new, quirky or a sensational cut price offer you’ll struggle to get anyone to open their email, let alone open their suitcase to visit you. If and when you do get them through the door, will you relax knowing that your staff will give them an awesome experience to write about and photograph?

Our guidance and plans get you the rave reviews you deserve. We work closely with you to define your true identity, authentic voice and deliver the envisioned guest-centric experience on the day. Communicating all your unique features to audiences in person, in print and on line.

Experience Creation

Experiences guests have only dreamed about, until now.

Experiences are what make rich travel stories and special memories that last a lifetime. Creating and curating experiences for your guests that will have them raving about you from the rooftops to friends, family and anyone that will listen especially on social media is essential to long-lasting success.

We look at your business’ strengths and assets be they location, talent or facilities and craft compelling offerings enticing new business, add business streams for increased revenue and appeal and events that will keep your establishment on the tips of everyone’s tongues.

We don’t just want people to have a once in a lifetime experience with you, we want them to come back again and again.


Engaging and effective content.

Creating quality copy is one of the most valuable tools in effective marketing. We help businesses communicate effectively and reach their potential by writing original, compelling, fresh content that is relevant and enjoyable.

Whether its content for a website, stories for social media and blogs, welcome packs for your holiday homes, features for company magazines or engaging brochures and training texts, we have valued direct experience.

We help companies identify the voice in their brand, and gives them the means to shout it, sing it, even whistle it out – whatever gets the right message to the right audience.

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